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No marketing is more effective than a referral. D. Stone Consulting has completed successful projects with over 30 clients in the past 25 years. If you are interested in contacting one of our previous clients to find out more on what we can do for you, give us a call.

Rudolph Technologies

Facilitated an implementation methodology and change management workshop for the internal ERP Core Team.



Led goal setting and managed technical assessment and RFI to replace current CRM systems.


tru Shrimp

Managed ERP selection for new venture as well as their sister company, Ralco.


Compeer Financial

Managed assessment of legacy application stacks from three merging agribanks to select the best future platform.



Managed a selection for finance, manufacturing, inventory and shop floor control processes.



Managed an ERP proof of concept and implementation project for 17 plants on the main campus.



Managed implementation of lease accounting systems for key accounts including DLL, Xerox, and RBS.



Managed an ERP software selection and process reengineering project for this life sciences company.



Advised on an internally managed selection for project portfolio management & professional services automation.



Managed a selection project for ERP, WMS and Product Development for publishing.


APi Group, Inc.

Prepared a rough order of magnitude budget, risk assessment, scope and rollout plan for 40 companies across 150 sites.


J & B Group

Managed selection and implementation projects for ERP, WMS and third party logistics systems.


Smarte Carte

Led a selection project for new assembly, fixed asset and revenue tracking software.



Provided an ERP Education training course for the IT department and management team.



Performed a strategic assessment of the planning, budgeting, and forecasting process.



Performed a strategic assessment, selection, and implementation to replace the legacy route accounting systems.



Assisted with a new initiative to improve communications between third party distributors and the manufacturer.


Analysts International

Managed a selection for forecasting, budgeting, and planning tools.



Managed selection of new customer relationship and enterprise resource planning systems.


Lion Apparel

Managed ERP implementation and integration with WMS and proprietary Department of Defense logistics systems.


Zimmer Spine Tech

Led one of three teams rolling out a distribution network across the US including warehousing, staffing, and systems.


Goldman Sachs

Executed competitive analysis as part of due diligence for financing project.



Led a series of workshops on How to Implement Lean Business Initiatives for over 40 CEOs.



Performed fit analysis for legacy system and selected a new ERP system.


Satellite Industries

Negotiated termination of a costly maintenance contract and selection of a replacement ERP system.


Progress Casting

Selected and implemented core and extended modules of a tier 1 ERP system.


Brock White

Selected and implemented both ERP and WMS systems across the midwest and prairie Canada.


Condux International

Performed a strategic review including market study, SWOT analysis, and IT roadmap.


Harmon Autoglass

Managed implementation of tier one point solution for activities based costing project.


Viratec Thin Films

Deployed an Activities Based Costing system which included improved product definitions for engineering.


August Technology

Selection and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management systems.


Apothecary Products

Interceded in a flagging implementation project to get the project back on target and successful.


Westin Automotive

Facilitated an executive goal setting seminar and training for the strategic planning process.



Managed high volume fabrication plant construction project and capital equipment purchase.


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