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Some of our clients ask us why not use an internal project manager or one from the chosen software vendor. Third party project managers are more effective.


  • Develop a short term need for a specific breed of project
  • Already experiencing resource capacity constraints in a growth environment
  • Project represents a unique opportunity for process change

Software Vendors:

  • Will manage by default if internal resources are not available
  • Have a primary focus is to get the application up and running
  • Project management is not a core competency. View this more as resource scheduling

D. Stone Consulting:

  • Has a proven track record with these kind of projects
  • Brings unique perspective on process changes
  • Can relay the unvarnished truth without being encumbered by internal relationships
  • Will mitigate the risk of project "creep"
  • Increase the speed of execution. Less investment, more time to train.
  • Reduce the number of supporting cast members
  • Can support a temporary capacity constraint for a step change in performance

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